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It takes a strong vision to turn a disused railway line into Germany's longest citizen-owned cycle path. And it needs numerous energetic, creative, professionally competent supporters:

We are...
...a team of volunteers who have been passionately implementing sustainable infrastructure projects successfully for more than 15 years!
Dr. Carsten Gerhardt,

Telefon: 0202 / 44 76 33
Lutz Eßrich,
Vice-chairman and
"trail scout"
Burkhard Clingen,
Dina Kipker,
Dr. Ing. Kathrin Berner,
Board member

Matthias Kreysing,
Board member
Christa Mrozek,
Public Relations

Michael Kraft
Site management Schwarzbachtrasse
Claus-Jürgen Kaminski,
Legal advice
Rolf Dellenbusch, Railway History and Draisine
Hadumod Bartölke,
Associations & Education
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Klaus Bartölke,
Associations & Education
Martin Heuwold,
Marcel Thomas,
Nico Ueberholz­­­,
Light Staging
A number of the 21 citizens who founded the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG e.V. on 6 February 2006 are still part of the core team of almost 20 people. Others have joined over the years and have taken over the work of comrades-in-arms who worked on the projects before them with creativity, perseverance and professional knowledge in countless hours. Without them, our projects would not have been realized, or would not have been realized in the same way, and they must not go unmentioned.

Currently, the WUPPERTALBEEGUNG has about 1,300 members and over 3,500 supporters (members, donors, active helpers).

Our goals
We want to
  • help shape the future of our city Wuppertal through voluntary, civic engagement,
  • promote projects that create immediate, practical and sustainable benefits for all sections of the population and have a high degree of 'tangibility',
  • · influence the shaping of the local environment, respecting the values represented in monuments, culture, history and landscape.
Our Projects
Major projects such as the Nordbahntrasse have been completed since the association was founded. They have received many awards as "lighthouse projects" in Wuppertal, but also far beyond its borders. The Wuppertal Movement continues to take care of them so that their quality is maintained and, if possible, improved.

The movement also continues to shape the future of the city with new projects. The biggest is the new project: "Circular Valley".

Since 2020, the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG e.V. has been developing this major project, an accelerator for the circular economy. Although the project is 'different' from the previous projects of the Wuppertal Movement, it continues the previous projects, because they were also "re-cycling", namely from old railway lines into recreational paths.

In the project, which is currently in the start-up phase, start-ups and researchers from all over the world are brought together virtually and on site with universities, research institutions and companies interested in solutions for the circular economy in our region “Bergisches Land” and the Rhine-Ruhr region. Among other things, jobs and scholarships will be made available for this purpose.
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