Foundations, companies and institutions, but also clubs, associations and citizens have donated more than 3 million euros as well as extensive contributions in kind amounting to around 1 million euros.

Donor badge at the track
It would be impossible to name all the donors here. However, as promised, the names of the metre donors have been noted on the kerbstones along the Nordbahntrasse. Near Mirke railway station, a central sponsors' square on the Uellendahler Straße viaduct names and pays tribute to donors large and small.

Special mention should be made of Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid, whose donation of € 450,000 financed the Belvédère Citizens' Park.
Sponsors' square on the Uellendahler Straße viaduct
We would like to thank all sponsors, supporters and friends of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG for their generous donations, services and friendly support during the last years of project realization!
The donors of the largest amounts for the paths are:
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