Our Projects
Our "lighthouse project" where it all began: the Nordbahntrasse. It is the successfully completed transformation of the disused, largely inner-city 22-kilometre Rheinische Train Track in Wuppertal, now known as the Nordbahntrasse or Dr. Werner Jackstädt Weg, into a comfortable walking, cycling and skating path. The project, which started in 2006, reached its first milestone with the opening of the route on 19 December 2014. However, WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG continues to take care of the Nordbahntrasse and its further development within the framework of contractual agreements with the city of Wuppertal (...more).

At the Loh station on the Nordbahntrasse, the Railway History Work Group has been operating a 1.6 km long trolley track with passing sidings, railway switches and signals free of charge for visitors since 2010. The platform was restored for this purpose. Timetable indicators, a station clock and loudspeaker announcements on trolley operation recreate the flair of earlier railway eras .(more)

Along the entire route, the work group is trying to keep the memory of the railway's past alive by preserving kilometre stones and stops.
The next project of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG was the construction of the Schwarzbachtrasse, a 2 km long branch of the Nordbahntrasse from Wichlinghausen station to Langerfeld. Completed in 2020, this opened up for over 50,000 people in the east of Wuppertal a connection to the Nordbahntrasse and thus to the centres of Barmen and Elberfeld. The "Schwarzbachtrasse" project, which cost about € 3.5 million, was realized by WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG directly without any intermediary from the city administration through funding from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, all within the financial and time budget (...more).
As a further project, the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG built in 2019 the BELVÉDÈRE viewpoint park, located directly on the Nordbahntrasse, with a donation of € 450,000 from Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheidt within the financial budget and took it into permanent care by the “Greenteam” volunteers.
The large Circular Valley Project, an accelerator for the circular economy, was launched in 2020. Although the project is 'different' from the previous projects of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG, it continues the previous projects, which were also "re-cycling", namely from old railway lines into leisure paths.

In the project, start-ups and researchers from all over the world are brought together locally and virtually with universities, research institutions and companies interested in implementing circular economy in the region Bergisches Land and the Rhine-Ruhr region. Among other things, jobs and scholarships will be made available for this purpose. Although based in Wuppertal, this project extends beyond Wuppertal and Germany.
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