Project Nordbahntrasse

Die Nordbahntrasse vor und nach dem Umbau (bitte verschieben)
From 2006 to 2014, the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG initiated and realised the revitalisation of the old railway track as an inner-city walking, cycling and skating path as its founding project. Over 23 kilometres, the Nordbahntrasse now provides access to the centres and northern districts of Wuppertal with almost no crossings and no notable inclines, and is a place of encounter, culture and sport.
Five illuminated tunnels with a total length of around two kilometres, the longest of which is over 700 metres long, and brick viaducts up to 300 metres long are special highlights of the route. Several vantage points allow exciting views and insights into the city and its surroundings. The Nordbahntrasse passes relics of a flourishing industrial past as well as almost untouched areas under nature and landscape protection. Several old railway stations with inns invite you to linger indoors and outdoors. Over 100 information boards illustrate the Route of Industrial Culture.
The Nordbahntrasse is first and foremost a car-free traffic route. But it is also intended to be a place of encounter: Young and old, people with different cultural backgrounds, from all walks of life and city districts should meet: in the cafés, at the rest areas and at sporting, cultural and culinary events. The organizers can be many: associations, schools, companies, private individuals or the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG.
Minister Groschek sets the main signal to 'green' at the inauguration on 19.12.2014. Carsten Gerhardt is not the only one who is happy in the pouring rain!
With the opening of the route on 19 December 2014 and the takeover by the city as a public path, the Nordbahntrasse project is not over for the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG: For all the success that the Nordbahntrasse has already enjoyed, there is still considerable potential for improving the Alley as a place for meeting, culture and sport. The WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG is not letting up in its efforts to promote this. It has 3 agreements with the city of Wuppertal concerning the trolley at Loh station, the route sponsors and, in general, the association's right to participate in further developments of the route. We will not let up here!
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