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The Nordbahntrasse and Schwarzbachtrasse are very popular destinations in Wuppertal and the surrounding region. We are committed to their preservation.

As a caregiver for a section of the trail you might for example

  • check the section occasionally for defects and dangers and, if necessary, inform the trail maintenance department,
  • tidy up and clean up the section in support of the Wichernhaus
  • Cut down overgrown vegetation that encroaches on the path or inform the route maintenance department
  • Remove or paint over graffiti (paint is provided) or inform the route maintenance department
  • Develop ideas for further improvements in the section or for projects on and with the trail, which you can then carry out yourself after consultation with WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG if necessary
  • ask users to please abide by the rules of use.

All contributions, large or small, are welcome.

Dina Kipker - the Angel of the Nordbahntrasse - will be happy to answer your questions and take care of all your concerns. Contact her:

Here you can download the application form.
Become a member
The WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG depends on the commitment of its members. The more citizens actively participate, the better the results and the more significant is our voice in the discussion about the development of our city.

We welcome every new member who strengthens our voice in the valley. If, in addition, you have skills and abilities that you can contribute voluntarily to a project for the benefit of Wuppertal and its citizens, we would of course be particularly pleased to welcome you as a new member of WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG. With your support we can continue to tackle ambitious projects.

The membership fee is 15 Euro per year.
All membership fees are used for concrete projects to promote sustainability and infrastructure. All work of the association's board and members is done on a one hundred percent pro bono basis.

As a member, you will be included in our e-mail distribution list, provided you enter an e-mail address.

Here you can download the membership application form.
Please print it out and send the coeted form to to:

Wuppertalbewegung e.V.
Friesenstr. 32 a
42107 Wuppertal

or scan the completed membership application form and send it by email to
Time and again we organize citizen actions for the beautification of the trails. Every helping hand is welcome.

'Greenteam' at Belvedere

For our 'Green Team' at the Belvedere (Hackenberg'scher Garten) in Wichlinghausen, near Sonnabendstraße, our team now needs reinforcement.
We are happy to receive feedback by e-mail:

Trolley team seeks reinforcement

The trolley rides from Loher station along the Nordbahntrasse are very popular. Therefore, the trolley team of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG is looking for reinforcement to take care of passengers.

Scheduled tours with the bicycle trolley take place on all Sundays between April and September (weather permitting) from 1 to 5 pm. In addition, there are 40 to 50 bookings each year from clubs, companies, school classes and children's groups. Rolf Dellenbusch of WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG: "Our team consists of men and women of all ages. Whether you want to help once a year or more often, and on which days, is up to you. New comrades-in-arms are welcome to us in any case."
Contact by e-mail to

Cleaning and beautification actions

The trails are popular places to stay for many Wuppertal residents and guests. We therefore have a great interest in ensuring that they look top-notch in every respect. ESW, Wichernhaus and the patrons of the trails take exemplary care of cleanliness and traffic safety throughout the year. Some things, however, are not part of the regular maintenance program, such as cleaning signs and mile markers, minor painting work, and collecting trash in the embankment areas. Volunteer actions take place on a regular basis, such as the "Spring Cleanup" on the Nordbahntrasse and Schwarzbachtrasse.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:


Any student or intern interested in working for the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG or in connection with our projects Nordbahntrasse, Schwarzbachtrasse, Belvedere or "Circular Valley" is welcome to contact us at:
Contact us
If you love the trails and want to advocate for their preservation or are interested in getting involved with our new sustainability project, Circular Valley, there are many ways to get involved. Please contact us to learn more:

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