Civic Engagement
"By citizens for citizens"
The motto of the Wuppertalbewegung.
It was the civic commitment of many that was responsible for its success. Since the founding of the association, some of them have made important contributions as volunteers over many years, which were then continued by others. We will remember them. Thanks are due to all those who have been active from the beginning.
Citizens' paving
Tree planting at Loh station
Litter-path action 2019 at the Schwarzbachtrasse
An expression of civic engagement that goes beyond the association and its members were the civic actions. During the construction phases and later, many citizens responded to calls to lend a hand: removing destructive vegetation from bridge structures, paving, picking up litter on the routes and their surroundings, cleaning signs or landscaping the edges of the routes.
Caregivers at the reception by the City Mayor
Floral splendor at Ottenbruch station: 500 bulbs planted
Planting campaign at the Ottenbruch access and boules court
The civic commitment continues even after the construction phases have been completed. Even though the Nordbahntrasse is now maintained by the city, citizens continue to take care of it on a regular basis and on their own responsibility, be it as path sponsors or in the Green Team, for example, which maintains the Belvédère viewing area in an admirable manner.
Lutz Essrich with bicycle group staff of the Wuppertal Institute
Lutz Essrich (2nd chairman) at the ADFC congress
Excursion 2019
Promoting civic engagement also means not keeping the positive or negative experiences made in the projects secret and to oneself but passing them on to others who are planning or already implementing similar projects in their communities. We have passed on our knowledge at numerous lectures and conferences. We were able to give many groups of visitors a vivid example of what civic engagement can achieve.
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