Belvédère Citizens' Park and Lookout Point
The BELVEDERE is a special highlight directly on the Nordbahntrasse as a place to rest and relax. The rocky spur of around 1,000 m² is accessible daily from 9 am to sunset via a stairway at the Askanierpark. The park offers a wonderful panoramic view of Heckinghausen, Wupperfeld and Barmen City.


With the construction of the Rheinische Railway in the valley of the Wupper in 1877, the property of the Hackenberg family, partners in the ribbon and strand factory of the same name, on today's Sonnabendstrasse in Barmen was divided into two parts. The Rheinische Eisenbahngesellschaft (Railway Company) specially built a footbridge over the line to connect the villa with the family's summer house in Japanese style. This was situated on the rocky spur towards the valley with its fantastic view from Barmen to Langerfeld.
After the Second World War, a functional building was added to the summer house and it served as a residence for years until it fell into a slumber. In 2009, the Wuppertal Movement rediscovered it and thought about using it as a park to make a wonderful view of the city directly on the Nordbahntrasse available for the general public.

The donor, Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid, with his wife,

Dr. Carsten Gerhardt, 1st Chairman
Burkhard Clingen, Treasurer
A project of the Wuppertalbewegung

The Wuppertalbewegung took over the property for 50 years on a hereditary lease from the Protestant church, which had owned it in the meantime. With the help of many volunteers, they cleared the overgrown plot in the summer of 2014. Thanks to the generous donation of € 450,000 by Dr Jörg Mittelsten Scheid in 2016 on the occasion of his 80th birthday, the Wuppertalbewegung was able to put its plans for a transformation into a park into action. This included extensive rock and fall protection and a staircase from the neighbouring Askanierpark as access from the Nordbahntrasse. Unfortunately, the summer house could not be preserved due to its desolate condition. It was replaced by an open weather shelter with a Japanese appearance.

In perfect weather, the beautifully designed park was opened to the public on 21 June 2019 by the Wuppertalbewegung together with the donor Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid and his wife.

A “green team” of committed Wuppertal citizens will maintain the beautiful park.
The Wuppertalbewegung hopes that all users will appreciate this generous gift.
'Green team' removes hogweed
Access from the bike path
Weather protection
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