The broad civic commitment of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG, its enthusiasm and imagination, its own initiative and ability to mobilize people have resulted in a large number of awards. However, the greatest recognition for the achievements of the Wuppertal Movement and its supporters comes from the many citizens who use the Nordbahntrasse.

LVR awards the Rheinlandtaler to Dr. Carsten Gerhardt

On 10.10.2017, the LVR Landschaftsverband Rheinland honored Dr. Carsten Gerhardt, initiator and idea provider of the Nordbahntrasse, for his honorary commitment, as he has rendered outstanding services to the cultural development of the Rhineland.

Ring of Honor of the City of Wuppertal awarded to the Chairman of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG

In a dignified event, Lord Mayor Andreas Mucke awarded Dr. Carsten Gerhardt, the founder and chairman of the Wuppertal Movement e.V. and creator of the Nordbahntrasse, with the Ring of Honor of the City of Wuppertal on 19 May 2016 in the packed Council Chamber of Wuppertal City Hall.

"You have done something really great for our city. For that, the city thanks you," said the Mayor in a very personal speech, referring to the many benefits of the trail, including urban development, tourism and leisure.

Polis Award in the "Public Commitment" Category

The polis Award for Urban and Real Estate Development honors courage and creativity in opening up to new approaches.
Over 120 applications from all over Germany and beyond were submitted for the polis Award 2016.
Christa Mrozek and Matthias Kreysing, representing the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG, accepted the first prize in the Public Engagement category.
The jury justified its decision with the ten years of voluntary commitment of the Wuppertal Movement e. V. and the countless hours of voluntary work. The provision of the necessary own funds by committed companies and citizens of the city was also highlighted. Another important argument was the urban development significance as an inner-city connection of settlement areas and the diverse function for leisure and recreation. Former backyards are being transformed into new, attractive public spaces.
The Nordbahntrasse is awarded as the best cycle and walking route in NRW.As part of the "Germany at its Best" 2016 campaign, the route is honoured by NRW Economics Minister Duin.

German Cycling Award in the category "Infrastructure", BMVI + AGFS

The Nordbahntrasse wins the German Cycling Award in the category "Infrastructure" in 2015. The prize is awarded in Potsdam by Norbert Barthle, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

"The 23-kilometre-long Nordbahntrasse as a mobility belt for pedestrian and bicycle traffic is the blueprint for cycle expressways in Germany," NRW Transport Minister Michael Groschek praised the new pedestrian, cycle and skate path on the sidelines of the National Cycling Congress.

European Greenways Award, 1st place in the "Excellence" category, Namur

The European Greenways Association, an organization for the promotion of greenways based in Spain, awards the Nordbahntrasse first place in the "Excellence" category. For the first time, a German project wins.
As representatives of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG, Christa Mrozek and Matthias Kreysing receive the award from the hands of Minister Christophe Lacroix, the Budget Minister of Wallonia, on 16.10.2015.

Progress Engine Climate Protection/Mobility, Climate Expo NRW, Cologne

The Nordbahntrasse is a role model and innovative example because it has succeeded in taking economic, ecological and social aspects into account in equal measure and in providing solutions to the major social challenges of our time that are suitable for everyday use. For this, it receives the "NRW Place of Progress" award in 2015.

The award becomes part of "KlimaExpo.NRW" and in 2015 supports the creation of a film and a brochure entitled "23 kilometres of two-wheel culture".

Audience Award of Klima Expo NRW, Cologne

In addition, the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG, represented by Lutz Eßrich, receives the audience award in the category "Mobility" at the annual event on 19 June 2015 in Cologne with 350 participants from NRW.

Lego Bridge as "Outstanding Place in the Land of Ideas" in the category "Culture

Promotional prize of the German Facade Award from Brillux.

Graffiti artist Martin Heuwold designed the Lego Bridge above the Schwesterstraße.
Communities in a new light /LED research, BMFI, Frankfurt
LED Lead Market Initiative" competition "Communities in New Light" 2010.

The award is accepted on behalf of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG by Lutz Eßrich.

Best Citizens' Project at the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) Theme Day

The award for the best citizens' project at the WDR Theme Day 2010 is accepted by, among others, the chairman of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG Dr. Carsten Gerhardt.

Intergenerational Dialogue in Practice

2009 Award from the Federal Government and the Council for Sustainable Development.

Nordbahntrasse as an "Outstanding Landmark in the Land of Ideas”

Awarded 2008 in the category "Society", by State Government, Düsseldorf
City Marketing Award of the City of Wuppertal

City Marketing Award 2007 of the City of Wuppertal, presented by Wuppertal Marketing

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