The Creators of Nordbahntrasse
Wuppertalbewegung e.V.
About us
Our mission is to create urban development projects with a focus on infrastructure and sustainability.

With great civic commitment, enthusiasm, initiative and the ability to mobilize people, we as the Wuppertalbewegung (Wuppertal Movement) e.V. have already been able to successfully implement many projects "by citizens for citizens".
Let the numbers speak for themselves
We are distinguishable by our extensive experience in creating sustainable infrastructure projects since 2006
since 2006
21 citizens founded the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG e.V. on 6 February 2006
€ 30 million
The construction costs of the Nordbahntrasse and Schwarzbachtrasse – our two projects converting rail tracks to cycle and walk paths
24 Kilometer
The lighthouse project is a 24 kilometre path for both cycling and walking with very few intersections while crossing the city
1,300 members
1,300 members and over 3,500 supporters (members, donors, active helpers)
Our projects
See for yourself - below you can access the websites of our projects
We would like to thank all sponsors, supporters and friends of the WUPPERTALBEWEGUNG e.V. for their generous donations, services and friendly support!
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